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Our Approach

Personalized medical care your way.

Dr. Skarulis' practice blends traditional face to face medical encounters and telehealth visits.  Metabolic conditions require frequent contact to achieve health goals.  

The practice uses OnPatient portal, an easy, secure way to connect with Dr. Skarulis, make appointments obtain results and keep your health records in one place. 

Traditional Consultation 

This is a face to face visit that occurs in one of our offcie conveniently located in Northwest DC or Fairfax VA.   You can expect to provide personal information about yourself including health history, your current and past treatment team, insurances  and  your preferred pharmacy all through our patient portal prior to your visit.

You may wish to start the consultation by a telehealth visit to be completed with a physical examination in the office at a separate time.  These visits may last 30 to 60 minutes determined by the complexity of your case.  



Telehealth is a great option when the visit does not requires a physical examination, such as a lab or radiology study review or progress with blood sugars or weight.  These visits may last between 15 and 60 minutes depending on the complexity of your condition. 


Second Opinion

Disorders of the Endocrine system and metabolism are complex and  some individuals desire a second opinion on a diagnosis or course of treatment without changing physicians.  A second opinion  can be rendered after obtaining all pertinent records, laboratories and imaging for review.  This is an option for individuals who do not intend to be seen at Washington Endocrine and Metabolism for treatment. 

Let's Work Together

Dr. Skarulis will see patients regardless of insurance coverage, however  the practice does not participate in any insurance plans. 


Please contact the office for details and a "Good Faith Estimate "of expected charges.

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